Back to where it all started, but better.

Our Story

In 2016, Hyperstacks was founded in Cagayan de Oro City and initially served international clients spanning Canada, the US, Australia, China, and the Philippines, focusing solely on mobile applications.

While striving to find its place in the global software outsourcing market, it found itself in the position of understanding why rural banks in the Philippines were not digitizing. It was found that not digitizing is beyond the constraints of budgets and willingness to adapt. Rather, it realized that the problem was much deeper.

Outside the metropolitan area, there is always a lack of skill sets and talents to execute a digital transformation journey. For rural banks, this is way beyond the scope of their operations, as technology is not their biggest strength. Not to mention that finding the right technical people to solve their current problems is always a challenge.

As Hyperstacks navigated these problems, it rebranded itself to HSI Technologies in 2021. This was an attempt to distinguish itself from its old identity as just another software company since it focused its entire business operations on digitizing rural banks. It tried to offer more than solutions by helping and training digital banking teams of its existing and incoming customers.

Amidst the chaos of digitizing and finding its place in the industry, it found itself back where it all started—a tech company with a strong focus on mobile banking solutions for financial institutions in rural Philippines.

The new logo speaks about its journey over the past two years. The branding Hyperstacks returns and the dotted symbol is the Morse code for HSI.